Funky Mystic Radio

Funky Mystic Radio

Funky Mystic Radio is an award winning internet radio show that broadcasts every Wednesday from 5-7 PM Pacific, 7-9 PM Central Standard and 8-10 PM Eastern on the Fishbowl Radio Network in the Purple Spirit Bowl!

The goal of Funky Mystic Radio is to make you laugh, think and manifest the best life ever! Funky Mystic Radio provides Metaphysics, Mysticism, Spirituality, Alternative Health & Empowered Living information, education & inspiration that can help you to improve your life, naturally!

Funky Mystic Radio highlights expert interviews, funky, positive and consciousness raising music, channeled messages, spiritual teachings, interactive listener call-ins and more! Funky Mystic Radio broadcasts LIVE from the  Fishbowl Radio Network studios in Arlington, TX and can be heard via the network’s website at

In addition to being heard at, Funky Mystic Radio can also be heard LIVE using  the TuneIn Radio app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and more! 

Replays of Funky Mystic Radio can be heard on the Funky Mystic Radio Podcast page at