Mystical Musings of Dallas-Fort Worth Traffic!

Cadillac SUV

Peace & Light to All the Funky Mystics AROUND the WORLD,

I’ve GOT to tell you that driving in 5 O’clock traffic in DALLAS-FORT WORTH can make me CRAZY. I hate it, especially on Friday, because it’s like people are EXTRA focused on getting away from their places of employment!  They will run you OVER!  Even when you are driving correctly.

As soon as I realized that I was caught up in this “mess”, I said out loud in the car, “OK God, you are gonna have to help me here.  People are driving crazy and I hate feeling boxed up in this car, not able to get where I’m going like I’m use to, when traffic is not a problem.  God, I’m gonna need some extra energy to move through this mess in joy!”  After I prayed this prayer, I was at peace! I had driven this stretch of highway tons of times and knew if I could only get to this one specific section of road, the craziness would subside and it would be “smooth sailing” to my destination from there!

As I began to merge onto the main roadway, a pink Cadillac Escalade, refused to allow me to merge.  I drove beside the car down the roadway hoping that the driver would finally release some of  the frustration they felt and let me in.  The driver never did. Once I realized that this driver was not gonna let me in,  I wasn’t angry or frustrated, much to my surprise.  At that point, I was inspired to look in my rear view mirror and saw that the driver behind me had created a clearance for me. I said out loud in the car, “Thank you!”

As the pink Escalade moved forward, I fell back, right into place that was created just for me.  Once I got into place, some FUNKY OLD SCHOOL JAMS started playing on the radio. My, Myself & I by De La Soul, Tennessee by Arrested Development and MORE!  I started singing LOUD and enjoying my time in the car.  I looked beside me and noticed a clearing, I moved up into that space, peered into my rear view mirror and saw the pink SUV that refused to let me in.  I saw another opening, and another opening and another opening, I took them all, which moved me out of the bumper to bumper and away from the pink SUV.  Before you know it, I couldn’t see the SUV, was out of the traffic jam and I was to that “smooth sailing” spot I told you about earlier!

I learned a lot from this experience! But I think the thing that stands out the most is this:  Don’t expect everyone to do what YOU think is right, but someone ALWAYS will.  Align yourself with Spirit/God so you can recognize when goodness comes your way, take that opportunity and you will be “smooth sailing” in no time!

Sending you PEACE, LOVE & POWER!

Keva Larthridge- Mack,  YOUR Funky Mystic Diva


FBRN, Pictures, Stairs, Exhaustion & Revelation!


I just climbed up and down 4 flights of stairs to have my picture taken at Fishbowl Radio Network ( for my new Funky Mystic Radio show banner! I took this picture after I managed to catch my breath! LOL! I didn’t realize I only needed to walk up the stairs due to issues related to the elevator! I could have ridden the elevator down!

I’m tired y’all! Imagine my surprise when I heard an FBRN crew member say she just took  take the elevator downstairs, as I was sitting on a nearby bench catching my breath! Time to get more serious about my cardio workout! :)

This Funky Mystic Diva is sho’ nuff tired! But the exercise was good for me & helped me to set the goal to improve my wellness by adding more cardio! OK GOD, I HEAR YOU!!! :)

Sending you PEACE, LOVE & POWER!

Keva Larthridge- Mack,  YOUR Funky Mystic Diva

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Keva’s Meditation Pyramid


Sending out endless PEACE, LIGHT & LOVE to you!

As promised, here is a picture with me wearing my meditation pyramid!

I know, I know, I know, I may look totally ridiculous, to some, but after meditating with this copper pyramid for 20 minutes I feel more relaxed and am able to meditate much deeper than normal!

I have also found that I am able to focus more easily! I plan to use the pyramid when reading because I believe it will help me to focus more, which will allow me to read and assimilate more information!  HOW COOL IS THAT?

I placed my pyramid over some apples on July 5, 2014 and ate one on July 6, 2014.  Will tell you more about that as well as about my name change from THE Funk Mystic to Funky Mystic Diva on Wednesday’s episode of Funky Mystic Radio!

Until then Manifest the Beautiful Light You are!

Keva Larthridge Mack, YOUR Funky Mystic Diva


Christians, Crime, Hate & LGBTQ in Dallas!



Earlier today I saw on Fox 4 News (Dallas) where 2 local LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer/Questioning) honoring churches were dealing with the aftermath of hateful vandalism. 666 was what members of these 2 Christian churches (Oak Lawn United Methodist church and The Cathedral of Hope) had to see as they came to worship this morning!

Since 666 is a number often associated with Satan in Christianity, it might be safe to say the person or people who committed this vandalism (which is a crime) had an at least basic understanding of the teachings of the Christian Religion, which in many cases are different from the teachings of Jesus! Since Jesus is the Master Teacher and prime example of the practitioners of the Christian Religion, I have a question about these acts of vandalism! Is this what Jesus would do? What are your thoughts?

Other questions that come to mind are: When will this hate end?  Who is perpetuating this hate and fear? How does it benefit those who hate to continue to hate?  Is religion in general helping to create hate and fear?

These questions really need to be addressed if we are to release hate and fear from our lives!

Knowledge is the antidote to fear. – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sending you love, healing and unity!

Keva Larthridge-Mack, THE Funky Mystic


Remembering My Dad on Father’s Day 2014!


DigiCamAs you may know, my father became an being of pure light on June 7, 2007! That’s 7/7/07, y’all!  ;)

As I was thinking about the holiday and looking through old pictures, I found this one! I took this picture of my dad days after delivering my baby, Phoenix!

Days after I had Phoenix, my parents came to Greenville, TX, where we were living at the time, to help me and my husband with our new baby! It felt so weird breast feeding Phoenix in front of daddy!  Sitting there with my “boob” all out! LOL! But my dad didn’t make me feel weird or anything, it was ALL in my mind! He kept talking to me like nothing “weird” was happening! I never told him, but that was nice! :) I talked to my mom later about it later that day, and she told me, like only she could, “Child, your daddy don’t care about that! He watched his mama breast feed all her babies!”

My mom and dad were a “dynamic duo”! He showed love the way he knew how and she explained him when I didn’t understand! I miss them both, but today! I celebrate my dad! 


I miss you, but I am SO glad you were ALWAYS there when I needed you most! 

I’d also like to time take to wish a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the fathers in the world! Thank you for being there for your kids and showing them true love in your own unique way! :)

Fathers Day Card